Project Info

Project Name F (Freedom) Series: Cultural Diversity
Project Donors Friedrich Naumann Foundation
Project Budget 1980 EUR

Project Description

The project aims at promoting liberal values and concepts through publication of online F (Freedom) Series in the field of cultural diversity. F Series will include eight different online publications presenting and explaining key concepts and ideas of liberal model of governance. In particular, the following topics have been identified for F Series: Tolerance; Multiculturalism; Minority Rights, Freedom of Religion and Belief; Self-governance; Multilingual Education; Gender Equality; Media Pluralism.

Each publication will contain 10-15 pages and follow the same format adjusted to the Georgian political and social needs and priorities. Sub-titles of publications will look as follows: 1) key definitions, 2) international relevance, 3) introduction and relevance in Georgia, 4) list of further readings.

F Series targets broad spectrum of audience, including students, civil society, decision-makers and is to become one of the key references for understanding of liberal approaches of governance and policy-making.


The project is supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation