Project Info

Project Name Mapping Ethnic Diversity of Georgia
Project Donors Academic Swiss Caucasus Net (ASCN)
Project Budget 1750 EUR

Project Description

The project is in partnership with the National Statistics Office of Georgia and aims at preparation of a printable ethnic map of Georgia using GIS (Geographical Information System) standards. Map will display ethnic composition of Georgia according to the latest 2014 population census. Map will highlight the following:

  • Ethnic groups of the country, including numbers and percentages;
  • Density of the population;
  • Textual information reviewing population census methodology and demographic changes in post soviet Georgia with the consideration of 1989 and 2002 population census data.


The project is supported by the Academic Swiss Caucasus Net (ASCN). It aims at promoting social sciences and humanities in the South Caucasus. Programme’s different activities foster the emergence of a new generation of talented scholars in the South Caucasus. Promising junior