Catalogue of the CSEM Library

Catalogue of the books stored at the CSEM Library is now available in our website. Titles of books and other printed materials in this catalogue are grouped according to different categories (Nationalism, ethnicity, nation-building; minority rights and diversity management; history, ethnography, religion; encyclopedias; art, culture, architecture; periodicals; rare books; various). We will introduce a searchable, online catalogue with images of books in the nearest future.

Library was jointly established by the Centre for the Studies of Ethnicity and Multiculturalism (CSEM) and the University of Georgia (UG). Collection of the books and other recourses are mainly focused on ethnicity, inter-ethnic relations and cultural diversity. The library is freely accessible for students, academicians, practitioners and other interested individuals. It is located in the premises of the University of Georgia (UG). Address: Kostava 77a, 7th floor, room #707.

Click here for the catalogue of the books

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