Two new projects to launch in March

In March 2016 CSEM will launch two projects with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

First project “Promoting Tolerance and Liberal Education for Political Parties” aims at providing liberal political education in the field of minority rights and tolerance for selected political parties. Under the project CSEM experts will conduct capacity building seminars for regional representations of Republican Party and Free Democrats. At the same time the project is to elaborate special study on political party system in Georgia which is to examine the current political party system with the particular focus on national minority involvement in political life.

Second project “F (Freedom) Series: Cultural Diversity” aims at promoting liberal values and concepts through publication of online F (Freedom) Series in the field of cultural diversity. F Series will include eight different online publications presenting and explaining key concepts and ideas of liberal model of governance. In particular, the following topics have been identified for F Series: Tolerance; Multiculturalism; Minority Rights, Freedom of Religion and Belief; Self- governance; Multilingual Education; Gender Equality; Media Pluralism.

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