International expert’s forum on “Freedom of religion and belief in the light of modern challenges”.

On September 14-15, 2016 CSEM has taken participation in the International expert’s forum organized by the foundation “Open Position” in Kiev, Ukraine. The aim of the forum was to discuss and present current situation in the countries of Central Asia, Russian Federation as well as the South Caucasus about the freedom of religion and belief. There had been specific country reviews and presentations made by over 10 country reporters including CSEM representative presenting the current situation and challenges facing religious minorities in the South Caucasus. The report of CSEM representative covered the issues of growing violence and discrimination on the basis of religious affiliation, as well as the legislative framework and practices being in place to fight with the religious intolerance, hate speech and discrimination. Experts shared opinions and practices over the legislative measures taken by the state institutions from one hand to prevent radicalization and from other to guarantee the freedom of religion and belief. The participants from the various countries have elaborated specific recommendations for the further purposes of international advocacy efforts.

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